Heat skink

Lizards and the like enjoy a bit of basking on a nice toasty rock or in the warmth generally, so why not a heat skink?I'm toasty!

Bully the Bullet

bully1Two contrasting articles I came across in the past week inspired this cartoon – the two different text blocks seem to put folks in the “Guns-R-Wonderful” camp or those who think that that the good ol’ USA might be something of a bully.

In any case, meet “Bully the Bullet”, a family-oriented, flag-waving .22 round. Get yours on a T-shirt, mug, baseball cap or rifle butt today!

As Sledge Hammer from that hilarious 80s TV show used to say… “Guns don’t kill people… … … bullets do.”

“Bully the Bullet” – click here.

“God Bless Amurrica” – click here.

Seriously, please give the guns a rest.

Sally celebrates

Sally celebrates coming off her meds by treating herself to some pretty new heels… and a gun! Bizarre. Still, it’s something a little different from all of the World Cup action on right now, and they are red heels which can cheer a girl up no end, apparenSally celebrates!tly. Or, a hot pink T-shirt with afore-mentioned bizarre cartoon might do the trick.

Photon Mattress

photon-mattress_smallThe latest cartoon for the folks at Allledlighting.com, Photon Mattress is here.

Meet the super-light Lambda-3000 mattress, available in fine stores now. The salesman has taken quite a shine to Mrs. Ocean Green LED, much to the dismay of Mr. Ocean Green LED.


Sally on meds

Sally on medsA spare half-hour today, so something not strictly electronics-related. Actually, it’s not electronics-related at all. In this one, they have poor Sally on meds to level out her peaks and troughs. All her colourful personality is trapped inside, encapsulated in a shell of grey. Awwh. You can get it on a T-shirt to tell the world: “Dammit, meds suck!”. Get your meds, er, T-shirt here.

OK, now back to electronics cartoons!


This heartbleed thing is very concerning. Stealing cookies, taking your ‘stuff’ straight out of sockets… even though they’re supposed to be secure… heart-breaking stuff.

And right here, for the folks at AllLEDlighting.com is Ohmart’s take: HeartbLED.


Organic LEDs

A freshly-squeezed cartoon for the folks at AllLEDLighting – Organic LEDs. Certified clean, green, and… er… mean by the D.O.E. (Department of Electronics).

See it over @ AllLEDLighting.com

New gallery format

I’ve finally found a cheap but quite good gallery display (in Flash, ah-ahh) for the cartoons. There are five galleries, which end up being nicely rendered by Firefox, Chrome, and even IE – although there is someone in Iceland whose IE11 blows the cartoons up to full screen. Odd.

At any rate, the nice’n’easy lite’n’breezy way of flickety-clicking through OhmArt over the years is right here.


Silicon Chip – Man the battery!

New and exciting! Well, a little. In February 2014’s Silicon Chip magazine, an Ohmart cartoon on page 74. Those old Metal Hydride batteries have been left high and dry.

Man the battery

Brian the Peacock

Things move slow, what with work, life, and all of that nonsense. Nonetheless, I’ve starting studying, sketching, thinking about the new cartoon character, Brian the Peacock. Click the image for some random sketches of Brian, titled, rather undramatically: “Study of a Peacock named Brian”. I haven’t yet got to Emily, his co-character. Small steps, everyone. Like peacocks.Brian the Peacock


Fish tank, of course!Every fish needs a tank. Of course, it may not require armour-plates and be capable of firing 60 mm rounds, but a tank nonetheless. Onward, comrades!

On various media for those wishing to begin their own revolution etc – @ Zazzle, CafePressFish-tank on CafePress