Organic LEDs

A freshly-squeezed cartoon for the folks at AllLEDLighting – Organic LEDs. Certified clean, green, and… er… mean by the D.O.E. (Department of Electronics).

See it over @

New gallery format

I’ve finally found a cheap but quite good gallery display (in Flash, ah-ahh) for the cartoons. There are five galleries, which end up being nicely rendered by Firefox, Chrome, and even IE – although there is someone in Iceland whose IE11 blows the cartoons up to full screen. Odd.

At any rate, the nice’n’easy lite’n’breezy way of flickety-clicking through OhmArt over the years is right here.


Silicon Chip – Man the battery!

New and exciting! Well, a little. In February 2014′s Silicon Chip magazine, an Ohmart cartoon on page 74. Those old Metal Hydride batteries have been left high and dry.

Man the battery

Brian the Peacock

Things move slow, what with work, life, and all of that nonsense. Nonetheless, I’ve starting studying, sketching, thinking about the new cartoon character, Brian the Peacock. Click the image for some random sketches of Brian, titled, rather undramatically: “Study of a Peacock named Brian”. I haven’t yet got to Emily, his co-character. Small steps, everyone. Like peacocks.Brian the Peacock


Fish tank, of course!Every fish needs a tank. Of course, it may not require armour-plates and be capable of firing 60 mm rounds, but a tank nonetheless. Onward, comrades!

On various media for those wishing to begin their own revolution etc – @ Zazzle, CafePressFish-tank on CafePress

Robin van Perchy

The rain began pelting down this afternoon, so what better time to tackle something other than electronics for a moment. Presenting: a light-hearted sketch relating to #20, Robin van Persie, Manchester United’s star striker.

Van Perchy certainly knows how to find the net! Perhaps one day he might be signed by Finchester United.

You can, ahem, “score” the design on a T-shirt if you like; they’re here on Zazzle.Robin van Perchy, from Finnchester United!


Latest cartoon ‘Fired-flies’ for the folks at is up. (click image or here to see it in full view).

Advances in technology affect all of us!


Christmas Ohmart

A cartoon for all of the folks at… a special take on Rudolph and his red nose.

It’s here: LED-by-the-nose

Merry Christmas, everyone :)

Say goodbye to Snoopy Google – me like!

Snoople!Everyone knows about the NSA, er, Google and their spying tactics – carefully noting what you click on and then selling that to the highest bidder (they call it “Ad-Words”). You may not have heard of a browser plug-in – pay-what-you-like – that disconnects snoopy Google, Zuckerbook from your browsing.

Article here:

The plug-in here:

Rise up brothers!

Curse you, Jetpack Joyride!

That game in Android – Jetpack Joyride – so addictive it stops cartoonists sketching for months on end.

In design – a cartoon strip featuring Emily and Brian, her sarcastic peacock. Emily is a laid-back I.T. support worker in her early thirties, who helps out at a community radio station. Brian is a talking peacock, excellent at fixing things, mad on sports, and a no-nonsense but skewed view on the world. They should make quite a pair.


More to follow.

LED Zeppelin

Just finished a cartoon for the nice folks at All LED Lighting.  Not surprisingly, it features LEDs everywhere! Cartoon is right here.