Hipsters!OK, I know this Buzzfeed article is a whopping two months old, which in the world of the Interweb is practically carbon-date-able – anyhow, I found it hilariously bulls-eye and wanted to share. It’s about a tongue-in-cheek book about hipsters – you just gotta read it, you just gotta.

Link to “Hipsters“.

Normally, Christmas 2015

Christmas_OSPRINormally one might look at a glaring red, lesion-like object on the sniffy end of a reindeer and say it was bovine Tb. Not so, says the deer tester! Well, not in this case. Rudolph has simply hit the happy juice a little early.

This: the final cartoon for the folks at OSPRI. Not sure where I’ll be next year… but hopefully not Christmas Island.



#26 Restless (м’ятежний)

Brew #26 is done. A quiet pilsner that needs to sit for a few months. Might pop one on Christmas Day to reflect on a pretty up and down year for me. It’s named м’ятежний (Restless), after the first track off New Order’s new album “Music Complete”. It also features a nod or two to their 1987 track “True Faith”. New Order fans will get it!

In retrospect, this album is like my year – some very good parts, and others… well… what happened there? Restless, Singularity, Plastic and Superheated are all worthy. The other tracks… your mileage may vary.



Major Poss to Ground Control

Major PossTrapping possums is hard work. Night after night tramping through damp forest, setting traps and laying poison. Even harder when it’s honking with rain and the south-westerly is blowing near horizontal. So imagine Alan’s surprise when his colleague Linda has passed on great weather for trapping, instead donning a dress and heels for a blind date at the pub.

October’s cartoon for the nice folks at OSPRI – enjoy!

#25 Eleven-tempered

11-temperedBeer #25 is out. It’s a well… delicious, more-ish, gregarious but bordering on angry beer. Hard to describe in words without getting all hipster-y and talking about “floral notes” and “palid undertones”. But trust me, it’s nom-nom-nom. It’s called ‘Eleven-tempered’ (‘одинадцятій загартоване‘ in Ukrainian), with a nod to Spinal Tap, with notes of Supercharger and undertones of Most Glorious Exxon Superflo Supra. Ahem.

If you’re ever in the neighborhood, drop in for one. While stocks last.


QmikoThe Qmiko (only seven in the world) is a fictitious three-eyed, three legged animal that lives at the bottom of the sea, in the second of the five Jeremy books I wrote 400 years ago. I never got around to illustrating such a fine being, so here she is: Minkaup, one of the seven Qmikos.

#24 My war (Мій війна)

miyThis is the picture for the #24 beer I’ve brewed – a very nice, subtle, reddish-tinged beer… a little like me in some ways! Named after “My War”, a very cool track from Black Cab’s “Games…” album. If you’re passing by, drop in for one!

Line out

Line out!Well, it’s Rugby World Cup time, and New Zealand is having a massive debate on whether or not to change our flag, and there’re always possums to be caught… roll it all into one, and you have “Line Out”. Note to those unfamiliar with the tools available to OSPRI’s possum eradicators: ‘pindone’ is a toxin sometimes used to send those pests to “nighty-night” land. Permanently. El finito.

Studies have shown…

OSPRI_possumsNews this week that possums (New Zealand’s number one pest, after politicians and local government) are strongly attracted to chicken… and that this could be used in eradication efforts. The nice folk at OSPRI asked for a cartoon to go with their Facebook page (article etc here), and here it is. Enjoy those secret herbs and spices!

Little Bob

Another in the series of “Wrote the book years ago, meant to draw a pic or two of the characters, kids + life + bills got in the way.” This one is of Little Bob, a fictitious invertebrate of type = Scorapede, dark blue, with twenty legs and a voracious appetite. Oh, and the ability to reproduce by simply splitting off one of its ten segments. Gulp. Jeremy and the other characters find these cute little guys on an equally fictitious country called Xerwary (the only one in the world starting with the letter ‘X’).

Anyway, here’s….. Little Bob.

Keep Clam and Say Nowt

A different take on the ubiquitous “Keep Calm” sayings… “Keep Clam and Say Nowt”, and “Keep Calm and Cuppa Char”. Despite both websites’ best efforts to stop customers uploading designs and using their sites, I *think* both ‘Nowt’ and ‘Cuppa’ made it to T-shirts, cups, etc on keep-calm-and-cuppa-char keep-clam-and-say-nowt-2Cafepress.com and Zazzle.com, under the Ohmart store. Maybe. Hopefully. In what surely must be the most painful experience since dealing with Vodafone Customer Service, I can at least verify that this Keep clam and say nowt link takes you to a CafePress ‘Nowt’ shirt, and this one: to a ‘Cuppa’ one. Gah!