Number 02: We welcome orchids into our home

We orchid enthusiasts welcome the little green fellows into their home, occasionally and somewhat at the expense of other inhabitants…



Magnetic fields, redux

The “Magnetic Fields” cartoon on this blog looks very familiar 😉 Bonus, the authors had the good manners to request permission to use it before doing so. Credit!

Been busy!

Half the year’s gone. The older I get, the faster they go. Here’s a cartoon I thought I’d do for the American Orchid Society (daughter likes growing them). If they’re keen, I’ll do one every month. Something a little different from electronics and beer brewing!


rebootSo, 2016 didn’t turn out that flash. Separation, earthquakes, Brexit, Trump, and movie and music stars falling like, er, falling stars. 2017 promises to be better, right? And what better way to start it, than with brew #31, a hoppy, summery APA that says “Re-boot”. Actually, it doesn’t say that, because beer that talked would be ridiculous, although interesting. Cheers to 2017. How about some good news, aye Don?

New dawn! – Fish #100 of 100

p_fish_100Here’s the final fish in the set of 100 – the New Dawn fish (Dawnus novae (var. Re-boot)). What’s happened has happened. That was that. It was what it was. Moving on. Drawn a line under it. Time to re-boot, re-start, etc. You get the message 🙂

Anyway, this is the last fish in the set. You can get it on T-shirts and drinkware here. Keep an eye out for a post in the next few days – the whole 100 fish will be available on a big A2, colour, high-quality, very high resolution poster so all fish can be seen in great detail!

Everything fish – #99

p_fish_099_pre_eraseThe penultimate (that’s such a great word) in the series of 100 fish- #99, the Everything Fish (Pisces omnicombinerata). This fish has nearly everything in it, barring a kitchen sink and Donald Trump. Available on T-shirts and drinkware right here!

Unicorn rainbow fish – #98

p_fish_098A completely girly fish designed for my daughter (the bows were her suggestion, I think). This is fish #98 in the series of 100, scientific name of Rainbowsa magicalunicornus. You can get it on T-shirts and drinkware right here.

Fishnet stocking – #59

p_fish_059Presenting fish #59 in the series of 100 fish, “Fishnet stocking” (scientific name: Finepinsan stiletto).

Sporting a very serious stiletto, take note. Available on T-shirts and drinkware right here.

Finished 100 fish

cp_fish_047Just finished the 100th fish in the set of 100 fish, “New Dawning”. Busy now putting them all together in the form of a high resolution A2 poster, and over the next few days I’ll add T-shirts and drinkware to Cafepress for these two:

#79 – Amore-nomore due incommunicado (CafePress link to T-shirts etc: here)

#47 – Tropicalis gettawaii (CafePress link to T-shirts etc: here)

Spread the word!


100 Fish of Separation

Fish_038When your wife of 16 years decides the marriage has run its course, there are many things one could do. Throw plates at a wall, cry, plant daffodil bulbs. I’m choosing to draw imaginary fish, 100 of them. I’ve done about 40 so far, here’s #38.

When I’ve done all of them, I’ll put them on a big poster.

And then maybe plant some bulbs.


Camera obscura (#30)

CO_webBrew number 30 is complete, and sitting in my beer room – whose location is known only by me and the three mice that live under the bench, oh yes – I know you’re there. It’s a reddish beer. I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s going to be good I bet – especially with a few friends standing around the charcoal BBQ, picking bits of salted / peppered eye fillet steak off the grill. Mmm hmm.

It’s named ‘Camera obscura’ (Google it up!) as it takes elements from the outside world, turns them on their head, and re-creates a bit of that world inside the dark chamber that is the humble 500ml beer bottle. Wow. Maybe I should run in politics?