Well, hello. This is me, to you, introducing a whole bunch of humour mostly intended for the electronically biased among us. You see, that’s kind of humorous already – biased, transistors? It’s OK; if you didn’t get it, an image or two might help. There’s a first batch of 24 designs which you can see here. Of those, around 9 have made it into cyberspace in the form of T-shirts (laydees and jints), mugs, mousepads, ties, aprons, and bags. You really should check them out here. The theory for all of this is that if enough people buy these magnificent products, I will get a dollar or two and may be able to give up one of my 3 jobs (I.T. worker, sewerage quality consultant, burlesque dancer for the legally blind).

Then I can expand – figuratively speaking.

Thermocouple... geddit?These 24 designs are the first instalment of a large series of, based on cocktail napkin calculations, around 140 electronics-themed pieces of art, all done from this very keyboard. You see, Ohm is where the Art is. Smart Alec-tronics.

The idea is that each week, time and encore performances permitting, I’ll add a couple more pieces to the OhmArt storefront, to keep it fresh as it were. Then maybe I’ll branch out into other fields? Comments, suggestions, preferences are most welcome. Do you prefer black and white to colour? Do you disagree with the TO-92 package being the star of the show? Would a TO-220 have been a better choice? Oh, the discussions we’ll have, I’m sure.


In the meantime, have fun looking through the designs and please check back often.


About Ohmart

A drawer, writer, tinkerer, electronic-er, designer, artist-type person. And normal.

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