Logic familiesEvery community has disputes between neighbours.”Your dog barks too much!” “Your husband sunbathes nude!” “Your trees are too tall, and they’re the wrong shade of green”.

Sometimes electronic families don’t get on so well either, although in reality it’s TTL and CMOS that often won’t play nicely together. But for this cartoon, it’s the ANDs and the NOTs, at it again…


About Ohmart

A drawer, writer, tinkerer, electronic-er, designer, artist-type person. And normal.

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  1. Rosie Eddy says:

    These are awesome! I teach Digital Electronics to high school students. I love the EE humor :o)

    • ohmart says:

      Thanks Rosie! When I had started, I had visions of the cartoons perhaps appearing on slides or presentations to students. You’re welcome to include them in your material if you wish, just be sure to include the http://www.ohmart.org url in there please. I do fresh cartoons regularly so please do check back at the blog and recommend it if you like to fellow teachers. Kind regards, Barney.

  2. Rosie Eddy says:

    I will definitely include the url, thanks for the permission to use your cartoons!

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