The hosting service for announce that on 15th April 2012, all sites hosted by them will be down for a – quote – few hours – unquote, between 1400 and 2300 UTC. For maintenance, apparently, to make your browsing experience more efficient, green, and generally more wholesome. With cloud-based win-win scenario paradigms.

Y’know, when I was a kid, my teacher used to say: “use the word ‘couple’ when there’re two. If there are three, maybe four, use the word ‘few’. Otherwise, don’t”.

So while the site will be down for a “few” hours, I sincerely hope that the thousands of readers (read: “a few”) who regularly flock to the blog and site can manage to hold off for a while.

Accessing the site, that is – not refraining from going to the loo.


About Ohmart

A drawer, writer, tinkerer, electronic-er, designer, artist-type person. And normal.

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