TransformersIn the old days, of course, back in the days o’ 8-tracks ‘n’ grits ‘n when gas were ain’t but a buck a gallon, they just had good ol’ E-I transformers. There were a big ol’ iron ‘E’ shape, and a purdy liddle ‘I t’go with it.

Nowadays, they gots all these fancy designer-type Switch Mode and Toroidal transformer ‘n what-not with their “up-town improved efficiency” and hoopla. I mean, heck, one of ’em even sounds like that cream Mabel puts for her ‘roids, y’know, for the troublesome spots down south…

Anyway, I guess there really is more to Transformers than meets the eye, er, just E-I.


About Ohmart

A drawer, writer, tinkerer, electronic-er, designer, artist-type person. And normal.

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