bully1Two contrasting articles I came across in the past week inspired this cartoon – the two different text blocks seem to put folks in the “Guns-R-Wonderful” camp or those who think that that the good ol’ USA might be something of a bully.

In any case, meet “Bully the Bullet”, a family-oriented, flag-waving .22 round. Get yours on a T-shirt, mug, baseball cap or rifle butt today!

As Sledge Hammer from that hilarious 80s TV show used to say… “Guns don’t kill people… … … bullets do.”

“Bully the Bullet” – click here.

“God Bless Amurrica” – click here.

Seriously, please give the guns a rest.


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  1. 3boxesofbs says:

    Why should I give guns a rest?
    I don’t get out to the range often enough for target practice as it is.

    Guess I’m in the “Guns R Wonderful” camp because I can see the value of them for recreation, for hunting, for self defense. There are up to 2,500,000 defensive gun uses PER year – a defensive gun use is where the presence or threat of a firearm stops/prevents a crime.

    Surely that is a good thing, right?

    Bob S.

    • ohmart says:

      Well Bob, you sound like one of the responsible ones, which is fair enough. It’s the other variety I’m worried about. In my city (guns are actually very rare in our country) a place called Gun City has just opened up, offering guns for all – and even “something classy for the ladies”. We have enough nutjobs in our city as it is… without arming them with (classy) guns.

      Anyway, thanks for taking the time to comment. Stay safe!


      • 3boxesofbs says:


        Yes, I am one of the responsible ones. Let’s assume that every firearm related violent crime was committed by a different person; something we know is patently untrue….but let’s stretch.
        There are an estimated 50,000,000 guns in the country.
        The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports 428,000 firearm related violent crimes in 2012 (last year available – so doing the math =0.856% of gun owners in any single year committed a crime.

        Really seems the responsible gun owners far and away out number the irresponsible or criminal gun owners. So why do so many ‘gun control’ laws focus on the law abiding instead of the criminals?

        Why do so many gun control laws NOT focus on the causes of crime but the tool?

        Bob S.

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