Note here, because one of my favourite groups has just released their 4th album, after about 4 years of ups, downs, and mishaps. Introducing Games of the XXI Olympiad, by Melbourne’s Black Cab. It’s O for Orsome! I recommend you buy it – no, I don’t get a commission, but I do like them enough to donate to the album’s creation via Pozible, in the process getting my name included on the CD cover as a thank-you gesture. That’s pretty nice, so thanks back to you Cab.

On ‘Games…’: “This time it’s the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympic games, where systematically doped up East Germans scooped the medals and Australia went home without a gold. East German shot put gold medallist Andreas Krieger was so steroid enhanced she became a he in 1997. Black Cab like a good story with both winners and losers.” (

Link to Black Cab’s site.

Link to info on Games of the XXI Olympiad.

Link to buy it.

Links to Black Cabs in London (no relation at all, but thought I’d include it for completeness)


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