RG-minus-B-500_sThis news just in, not only has coffee, wine, milk, chocolate, cholesterol, (basically anything with a hint of fun or taste to it) been bagged at one time or another, science and the media are always looking for new downers. Presenting! Blue LED peaks. That’s right. A few weeks ago science was trumpeting the Blue LED in the Nobel Prizes, now the spotlight (blue, by the way) is on our little 430-ish nanometre friends for less pleasant reasons.

Blue LEDs are cute little blighters that put out blue light. Some folks are saying that maybe it’s a bit bright. Or not. Could be dangerous. Harmful. Deadly. Or not. Your mileage may vary. In a year or so, they’ll be saying Blue LED peaks are good for you, like I wish they’d do with coffee, wine, and chocolate.

Blue LEDs, by the way, are a key part of the Red/Green/Blue triumvirate that together can make a squawkillion (1 with 1,572 zeroes after it) colours. Very useful, in fact, for generating images on…oh, let’s see… TVs, smartphones, tablets. That sort of thing. Imagine a TV that could only make colours from red and green?

Right, I’ve made my stand for the day, and also an “R plus G minus B” cartoon for the people over at AllLEDlighting.com. Here’s the link.

Go blue!



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