OhmArt is humour based or biased, depending on your view, on electronics. I’m passionate about electronics because, some might say, “Ohm is where the ‘art is”.

You can get your favourite cartoon on a shirt, mug, mousepad etc by visiting the OhmArt store on Zazzle.com. They regularly have specials on merchandise and sometimes even shipping, so it’s worth keeping an eye out. Alternatively, the CafePress OhmArt store has some different styles and stuff.

If you’re a publisher, academic, or electronics company interested in using some of my work, you’re welcome to contact me to discuss this.

How do you contact OhmArt?

Simple. You can either leave a comment right here, or on a recent post in the blog, or mail: bohmart “at symbol” ohmart.org . I do love to hear from people – even moreso if they buy a T-shirt from the store. Just kidding. No, I’m not. No really, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks.

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  1. Thanos says:

    Please get rid of the slideshow or have an alternative. I didn’t have enough time to see the comics before the slideshow continued, resulting in needing to constantly go back.

    • ohmart says:

      Hi Thanos – I agree – the slideshow was ok when there were less than 40 but it’s getting a bit unwieldy now. I will split it into 3 pages for now, while I think about better ways of handling the cartoons. Thanks for the comment! Have a great day.

      • mondalaci says:

        I think a split is not really necessary but a pause button is!

        Hilarious stuff, by the way πŸ™‚

      • ohmart says:

        Thanks, I’m in two minds (split maybe?!) about the page. As more cartoons come in, it’ll take ages to load up. I’ll investigate the XML etc behind the slideshow and see if there’s a way of pausing. If not, there’s probably a delay in seconds, that could be upped from about 4 or 5 to say 30. Cheers for the comment πŸ™‚

      • ohmart says:

        Cartoons re-arranged… much more accessible now. Just need a nice front page now πŸ™‚

    • ohmart says:

      Alternative now up there. Ta-da!

  2. David Shah says:

    At school we all have to produce some electronics revision notes and mine are going to be in HTML format and shared within school, and was wondering if it was OK if I included some of your cartoons – with a credit, of course


  3. Rosie E says:

    Hi there,

    We spoke briefly once before. I love using your cartoons on my Moodle site for my high school students to enjoy. Now I cannot seem to copy the images anymore. I was going to include the “truth table” cartoon and one of the “LED” cartoons. I always include your website with the cartoons. Is there any way I can get a copy?



    • ohmart says:

      Hi Rosie, I’ve been re-organising the site a wee bit to make the load times faster. I will send you the truth table cartoon tonight. If you like, send me the numbers of the others you’d like (just post a comment with the numbers). Send me a link too of your Moodle site; I’d love to see the cartoons in action. All the best! Barney.

    • ohmart says:

      A quick note – Happy New Year Rosie! Cheers, Barney @ OhmArt.

  4. Gareth says:

    Hi, I’m runing a course for Teachers unsing PICAXE chips and found your cartoons, not least the excellent picaxe one.
    Can I use it on the front cover of my handout booklet please?
    Did you ever see the Elektor Electronics cartoon book series “The adventures of Resi and Transi”. Your work has a similar (but often crafty technical depth) flavour.
    In fact as teaching aids to help circuit understanding might you publish them electronically for classroom use?? (for a fee…)

    Kind regards

    Gareth Evans, London UK

    • ohmart says:

      Hi there Gareth, sure – you’re welcome to put the PICAXE cartoon on there. If you could include the URL http://www.ohmart.org underneath, that would be good – that links to an online store where every T-shirt, mug, or mousepad I sell with a cartoon on helps pay for pens to draw more cartoons πŸ™‚ Please send me a photo of the finished product if you will, it’s nice to see where my work ends up πŸ™‚ I hadn’t seen Resi and Transi, but it looks very well done!

      I’ll send you an email about using some as teaching aids. The fee would be pretty small πŸ™‚
      Kind regards

  5. I’ve got one for ya that I remember from an electronics hobbyist magazine in 1964. It depicts a trestle bridge of formidable size across a watery straight. In the middle is a gigantic sling that looks suspiciously like a diaper. Holding the diaper up is big steel hook hanging from the clouds. Two engineer types are in the foreground and one is saying, “looks like he wasn’t too sure of his design, eh?” as he waves his pipe knowledgeably in the air.
    (I’m thinking about a mug to put next to my Beavis and Butthead one that I found at the dollar store).

    Cheers, love yer site, keep on keeping on.

  6. Debabrata says:

    Hi, I would like to use one of your arts in my “coming soon” web page. Can you kindly let me know if it is possible to do so ?

    • ohmart says:

      Hi there, that would be ok. Could you let me know which one, and send me a URL when it’s done? Would be good to see it living somewhere else πŸ™‚ thanks!

  7. Tim says:

    Can I use one of your cartoons as the icon for my eevblog forum profile? Thanks.

  8. Hi Ohmart,
    I would like to use some of your cartoons in my network analysis lab, with credits, of course. The labs are posted online.


  9. Michael Dunn says:

    Hi! I’m looking to add the occasional comic to Scope Junction. Might you be interested?


  10. user1g says:

    Really great stuff, the binary adder tickled me for longer than it should have… Could I use the audio mixer cartoon on the cover page of my GCSE electronics project? Credited to you of course.

  11. Marissa says:

    we would like to have your super capacitor available as a card. We usually order in qty’s of 500. Both Zazzle and Cafepress show this cartoon but it does not give us a card option. Can you help?

  12. Stan. SWAN : ("Manuka") says:

    Check the brilliant LoRa cartoon at =>http://www.instructables.com/id/Introducing-LoRa-/ for a lucid insight into Semtech’s LoRaβ„’’s superior target hitting ability. Ms Lora looks a clear winner beside narrow band Iota ! (Pun – IoT = Internet of Things)

  13. Animesh Paul says:


    I am making some video lectures (As a hobby and free for all). I really loved your cartoons and would like to use some in order to make my lectures more fun. I would include http://www.ohmart.org/ at every photo and also at the credit section at the and of the lecture. Can I go ahead and use them?

    Thanking you,

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